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About Tony

Additional Information

Tony Pasko is a multi-faceted composer, arranger, songwriter, and sound designer whose successful track record speaks for itself. His reputation for high quality compositions, music supervision placements, and songwriting, exemplify his well rounded knowledge of music and its ability to add color to any scene, soundtrack, or ad placement.

A critically acclaimed musician and sought after music supervisor, Tony proves to be an impactful composer and dedicated partner that adds value to every composition and project he touches.

Tony is one of the music writers for A&E’s No.1 rated TV show Duck Dynasty.

The season 4 premier broke an A&E record with 11.8 million viewers, also breaking a cable television record for the most viewed non-scripted T.V. show EVER in cable T.V. history… 

TV Credits

Tony's music is featured on these networks and T.V. shows:

Duck Dynasty/ A&E

Wahlburgers/ A&E

Jenny Loves Donny/ A&E

Wicked Tuna/ National Geographic

Pitbulls & Paroles/ Animal Planet

Lock Up/ MSNBC

Fat & Furious/ Dicovery Channel

Hollywood Hillbillies/ Reelz

Shark Week/ Discovery Channel

Porter Ridge/ A&E

Auction Hunters/ Spike TV

Savage Family Diggers/ Spike TV

Reef Wranglers/ Weather Channel

Boss Hog/ Discovery Channel

Night Watch/ A&E

Nightique/ Comcast

​10 Things you don't know about/ ​H2

Hollywood Medium w/ Tyler Henry/ E

Woody Woodpecker/ Brazil

Tiny Luxury/ Norway

Grave Mysteries/ ID Discovery

Dominant Bucks/ SPMN

Speed is the new Black/ Velocity

​Bizarre Foods/ Hulu

Ride with Norman Reedus/ AMC

​Big Fish Texas/ National Geographic

Billy Bob's Gags to Riches/ TMZ

​Ghost Asylum/ Destination America